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Default Re: Recall Check will not be permitted in Florida

We can get the real estate agents on our side. They don't want us to use moisture meters?

Ok, do they want every little water mark called out as unknown? Moisture meters not only prove there is a problem they also can prove there is NOT a problem.

I think Nick was forwarded the info and he has no problem with it. Keep it like it is.

He can do as he likes and some may like the new proposals to keep everything to a minimum.

I do know out of 7000 if we can get just 5% to go to Tallahassee it would make an impression. What home inspector drafted this?

Looks like the money we spent on the lobbyist sucked, apparently he is useless and nick says its ok.

Decision time guys. Fight or get lube...choice is yours.

For me I am getting my contractors license or hiring one...gotta have all my bases covered. For those waiting for someone's decision time....

Tick tock....tick tock....

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