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Default Re: Acceptable lateral support for ceiling joists?

Originally Posted by wmisegades View Post
R802.8.1 Bridging. Rafters and ceiling joists having a depthto-
thickness ratio exceeding 6 to 1 based on nominal dimensions
shall be supported laterally by solid blocking, diagonal
bridging (wood or metal) or a continuous 1-inch by 3-inch
(25 mm by 76 mm) wood strip nailed across the rafters or
ceiling joists at intervals not exceeding 8 feet (2438 mm)

I do a lot of phase inspections in Greater Houston area. I rarely see blocking anymore. What the builders typically do is place a 2x4 on its wider size, on top of the joists and a 2x6 on its thinner side butted up against the 2x4, which creates the "strongback"
Yes, 8' apart would be needed around here for that but we typically like bridging/blocking...different in different parts of the country and depending what it is used for.

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