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Default Re: "How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes" online course

Originally Posted by rcleland View Post
Not sure why I can't seem to pass this examine. Studied all the materials, took all the quizzes and had no problems but when I took the examine it seemed to me that several of the questions were twisted around, intentionally mis-worded.
Decided to revisit the material and examine, take more notes and try again. Same story.
Why can't you show us what we are getting wrong so we can learn from our mistakes? This is the first course I have ever taken an failed. I believe I know the majority of the information but have no ideal what I am missing.
I'm in the same boat as you Ron. I have attempted this exam at least 5 times, all with failing grades. Is this a case of the "shall" vs "should" rules? For many of the questions I have encountered, I have even referenced reading material directly from the course. Can't seem to get over 77. What gives? I'd like to think I read the questions thoroughly.

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