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Default Re: Grainger has closed down Professional Equipment.

PE was actually bought by Lab Safety which was later bought by Grainger. Like many small companies that are bought by larger ones.....they first say they will keep them the way they are and then the big investors start cutting to make bigger and bigger margins and before you know it....they are shut down. The investors do not care about the customers or even the employees...just the bottom line....the problem is...that just means you suck the company dry.....then the investors move on to their next victim to suck the life out of.....I can mention many other examples....ITA comes to mind.

It is a damn shame that PE is no longer. Home inspectors will miss them...they also were a reseller for us for many years and were great people to work with at PE until Grainger came I was the same thing with ITA.

Being bought by a big corporation is not what it used to be....especially if all it is is a company ran by a big investment company...which is happening all across the country.

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