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Default Re: Commercial Inspections in Florida.

ASTM's (despite its title) is not an SOP at all. It's a scope of work permission form at best. In sharp contrast, InterNACHI's Commercial SOP is designed for an inspector to operate his commercial inspection business much like a general contractor builds a home (using specialized subcontractors when & where necessary). The commercial inspection business is not an inspection business as much as it is a management business (I'm both a a commercial inspector and a licensed/insured general contractor, so I can't help but notice the similarities). InterNACHI's SOP comes with everything you need including a baseline for the inspection where you and your client start and then agree to add or subtract from. This important paragraph from InterNACHI's Commercial SOP:

4.3 Varying Levels of Due Diligence
This Standard is designed as a baseline from which the inspector and client can develop and agree to a scope of work that may deviate from this Standard, depending on budget, time constraints, purpose of the inspection, age of the subject property, and risk-tolerance of the client. The level of due diligence should be set where the cost, in time and money, of acquiring information about the subject property will not likely exceed the value of that information.
Also found within InterNACHI's Commercial SOP is every form, document, and sample letter you need to run your commercial inspection business. And they're all integrated with each other, reference each other, comply with each other, and use the same terminology.

ASTM's lacks all of this... and it gets worse for ASTM's: You can't see their SOP, you can't read it, you can't display it on your site, you can't show it to a potential client, and you can't include it with your report... unless you pay ASTM for EACH time you use it in any way. They are very aggressive about this too. Casey and O'Malley used to teach commercial inspections and ASTM's attorneys ordered them to cease and desist even referencing the document. It's why you can't find it online.

ASTM's is not only worthless technically in that it is totally unusable... it's worthless from a practical standpoint in that you can't legally use it. I don't use the word "worthless" lightly here.

Anyway... walk into the light: International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties.

I do commercial inspections so if anyone has a question about it, start a new thread and I'll do my best to help.
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