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Default Re: More roof shape fun.

Roof Geometry: What is the roof shape? (Do not consider roofs of porches or carports that are attached only to the fascia or wall of

the host structure over unenclosed space in the determination of roof perimeter or roof area for roof geometry classification).
A. Hip Roof Hip roof with no other roof shapes greater than 10% of the total roof system perimeter.

Total length of non-hip features: ______ feet; Total roof system perimeter: _______ feet
B. Flat Roof Roof on a building with 5 or more units where at least 90% of the main roof area has a roof slope of

less than 2:12. Roof area with slope less than 2:12 ________ sq ft; Total roof area __________sq ft
X��C. Other Roof Any roof that does not qualify as either (A) or (B) above.
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