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Default Re: Sump pump.. legal installation?

Soggy Steve,

- First priority is to get the water out of there. Check for power, replace the pump, etc but get the water out asap

- A sump pump should not be plugged into an extention cord.

- An extention cord should not be passing through any hole drilled in the floor. Extention cords are for tempary use only. Five years is not temparary

- You have a sump pump minus the sump. The bucket appears to be sitting on top of the ground. It would increase its effeciveness (ie a dryier crawl space) if it was in a pit.

- The 5 gal pail isn't a problem if the sump has enough room to sit flat and the float can move freely without getting caught. Most sump pumps I see would not operate effectively in the limited size of a 5 gal pail. Check with your local building offical to see what they require. I would not be using a 5 gal pail if it were my house

-A drain pipe should not be used to support the electrical.

- You should be having a peek in the crawl space at least once a year. Five years is way to long. If you find something that doesn't look they way it did the last time you looked call a professional.

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