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Default Re: Public Hearing on Vermont Licensing on March 17, 2015 in Montpelier, VT.

I can combat that for you if you like. Omitting licensing from being implemented is easier these days. Laws here in Kansas where voted into play, and after some "correspondence" the governor got them out.

In any state, they are worthless to the home buyer. Any law is a basic, minimal standard, and then, basic, minimal home inspections will result.

It should be up to the REA offices and companies to set policies for their clients, and they should be high. This will save tens of thousands of dollars in state revenue spending. Hit them with that first. Then, recommend they license all tradespersons, home builders, implement state wide IRC building codes, etc. and put millions into a certified board rules and regulations, and to the attorneys to write them. States having to spend more money and adding to their budgets is not in their best interest these days.

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