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Default Re: Unlimited, free full-color Buy Back rack cards for participating members.

Originally Posted by gromicko View Post
If you are a participating member of the Buy Back program, you can now get unlimited, free Buy Back rack cards to promote your business.

Here is how to get yours at no charge: If you will honestly use them, email me at Put "Free Buy Back rackcards" in the subject line. Include your name and shipping address in the email.

I'll buy them for you and pay the shipping too. Participants in the Buy Back program only please.

This is on the honor system... only order your free Buy Back rack cards if you are going to use them. If you run out, order more. No charge.
Hello Nick,
I am a new member and new to my area as far as home inspecting. I do have a couple of inspectors in the area that are members as well. However, not one inspector is taking advantage of the buy back program that I can see. I think it is great and will give me the edge on the competition that the plan is designed for. I am all in ! I could really use any promotional material that can get us on the right track.


Steve Stewart
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