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Default Re: New Old Insulation

Thanks Roy,
It was an interesting read.

Originally Posted by rcooke
After all, their youngest daughter has been diagonsed with breast cancer and is extremely cautious about the air she breathes, her father said.
Not sure what IAQ has to do with breast cancer. I there a medial link I don't know about?

Originally Posted by rcooke
Not to mention, the family just happened to have heaps of previously unusable sheep's wool lying around.
Believe it or not, I know people like that. Bales of wool that just never made it to market.

Originally Posted by rcooke
The Rawlins' attended the supervisors meeting after Yolo County building inspectors said their wool-lined walls were not among the list of acceptable ways to insulate a house.
Fortunately the new OBC with its objective based format is more accommodating for situations like this.

Originally Posted by rcooke
At least, that's the rationale the couple used when they fit their in-progress Rumsey home with 100 percent sheep's wool insulation, about 4,000 pounds of it.
I hear the hemp activists now - " ya officer dude, the 4,000 pounds of mary jane in my attic is... uh...insulation"