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Default Re: Welcome to the official Inspection Support Network (ISN) forum.

Dan Huber and the support team at ISN are fantastic. I wish I had signed up with ISN back in May when I finally got started inspecting. I was excited just to have a system in place to schedule appointments and the Real Estate Dashboard is an excellent feature. I haven't had the training session yet but was able to get set up with ease just from following the videos and asking a few questions which the support staff were extremely quick to help me with.

Dan really goes beyond providing a service, he called me up within minutes of an email I sent him and was genuinely concerned for the path I was headed on. Dan explain how detrimental my strategy would be and gave me some great advice.

If you haven't already given ISN a try, don't wait.

I can't thank Dan Huber and Nick Gromicko enough for their support and their commitment to providing us with the tools that set us apart from our competition.