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Default Re: HomeAdvisor offers InterNACHI members an exclusive deal:

Originally Posted by gromicko View Post
From that link:
HomeAdvisor offers a 25% discount on pre-paid lead bundles for all InterNACHI inspectors:
Mention Partner Code “ASHI” to receive the following:

50% off New Enrollment
6% Quarterly Rebate
50% off ProLeads for First 30 Days After New Enrollment
InterNACHI members gets 25% off.
ASHI members get 50% off.

For an organization that
Class Action lawsuit against HomeAdvisor

The Amended Complaint alleges how IAC and HomeAdvisor charge home service professionals (and often automatically debit from their bank accounts) hundreds of thousands of dollars for business leads, sight unseen, that are purportedly qualified new business opportunities from targeted, serious, qualified and project-ready homeowners who are seeking the services of home service professionals. Based on a months' long investigation by Plaintiffs' Counsel, including interviewing former employees, home service professionals and homeowners from around the country, the Amended Complaint details how IAC and HomeAdvisor hard-sell the service to unsuspecting home service professionals so as to charge them for thousands of leads that are actually illusory and the product of a systemically defective process that is incapable of producing project-ready and quality leads.