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Default Re: HomeAdvisor offers InterNACHI members an exclusive deal:

HomeAdvisor responds:

Smith, Nolan via
4:17 PM (4 hours ago)

to Tyler, Fast

Apologies for the delayed response, I was waiting for upper management to respond.

Most of this is entirely false and I appreciate your inspectors bringing it to our attention. Our legal team is going to be addressing their verbiage used on their website. There's no such thing as 50% off membership, that's unheard of. The only discount they get are 50% off of market match leads and ONLY in their first month. These are the cheapest leads we offer, there's no such thing as "proleads."

The reason I went with the discount I presented to you is because there's way more value. The bundles are valid for market match leads, exact match leads & instant connect leads which is everything we offer.

Nolan is available by phone today, I am out sick unfortunately. There's without a doubt way more value available in the offer we went with for InterNachi, otherwise I wouldn't have even presented it as I am well aware of what ASHI members receive.