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Exclamation Re: MN Radon Licensing Act meeting announcement...


Radon Licensing Act Pushed Back Until 2019

Dear Radon Professional:

I want to give you all an update on our efforts to modify the radon licensing act at the Minnesota Legislature. As you know, MARP members were very engaged at the Capitol. Many of our members testified and attended meetings with legislators and MDH officials.

MARP also hired the Rouen Group to lobby on our behalf. Noah and his team did an excellent job of ensuring our voice was heard with politicians and policy makers. Our combined efforts were successful in getting the Legislature to pass a complete repeal of the Radon Licensing Act!

Unfortunately, Governor Mark Dayton vetoed the bill that contained the repeal language. In fact, the governor singled out the repeal as one of the reasons he vetoed a major bill for the Department of Health. This forced MARP and our legislative allies to negotiate a compromise.

After hours of negotiation, we all agreed to extend the implementation of the Radon Licensing Act to 2019 and give us time to work on a solution with MARP, MDH, DoLI, and local city inspectors.

We feel fortunate to have achieved this result. We have a strong commitment from our great authors Sen. Karin Housley and Rep. Nick Zerwas, along with many others in the legislature to find a solution that works for our industry.

If you haven't already joined and want to help support our efforts please join (here)

Please watch your email in the coming weeks for our next general membership meeting and our First Annual Legislative Reception!

As always, please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or concerns.

Walt Donnay
President, MARP

Jeffrey R. Jonas
Owatonna, Minnesota

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