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Default Re: Does the Wood destroying insects course on here satisfy Ohio license?

Originally Posted by tdiller View Post
Do you think its frowned upon if I include a wdo inspection in my report (passed the WDO course on NACHI), and letting my client know that they may have to pay the $60 for the termite inspector report (NPMA-33) before it gets treated if found? Basically saving them the money if they don't have damage.

For buyers with FHA loans this NPMA-33 form is required as well correct?
The Ohio Department of Agriculture will love you for doing illegal work. They will love all the money they collect from you in fines. It is a poorly managed bureaucracy so I am sure they will appreciate the additional revenues. They don't think home inspectors should be doing WDI inspections in the first place. They love to go after non-compliant inspectors.

I was never harassed by the department but I had an adversarial relationship with them because of their antics. I challenged them on their misdeeds at every opportunity during the five years or so that I had the license. I knew of several good home inspectors who were harassed by the department with multiple unreasonable audits.

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