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Default Re: Tidbits from the ASHI Message Board

I am proud to say that I also know Chuck. He, and many ASHI guys, are pretty discussed with what is going on over there.

Let's be straight. I don't believe ASHI was all Machiavelian in their doings, especially when it comes to licenseing in Illinois. They were approached by the state so that they could help define the law. The Illinois SOP is virtually identical to ASHI's (and less stringent than NACHI's). When legislators start to write a law (and since legislators know nothing except how to get re-elected) it's a good thing to have people who know what they are talking about help in writing the law. And, of course, ASHI would want the law written to help their members (just like NACHI does). Nothing wrong with that, or illegal or immoral or unethical.

But, every time an organization startes to believe their own BS, they start to get passed up by the young and hungry.

ASHI, at least here in Illinois, operates somewhat like a Union. The 'new guys' come in, get put in their place, work for a while shleping tools and kissing up to the old 'experts'. Paying their dues. A large number of ASHI guys around here are former Union guys and that is the only system that they know. Thus the 250 inspection rule and the suppression of new members until they get 250. But, this has also lead to many of these new guys going out and, part time, doing $175.00, 1/2 hour checklist inspections, just to get their number up. This has lead to many inspectors (ASHI included) who have their prices forced low. Some policies, if not though out, will back fire.

ASHI membership is down. Some of the older guys (who were, in large part, semi-retired in any case) just didn't get their licenses renewed. Some have moved to warmer climates. So, ASHI finds itself with a few experts and a lot of new guys, and the new guys nipping at the leadership's heals for benefits, ride alongs and being more likely to start they own companies and less likely to bow to the older guys. The old guys are just confused that "the way things have always been" doesn't apply anymore.

At least that's the way it is areound here.

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