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Default Re: Tidbits from the ASHI Message Board

Originally Posted by jburkeson1
Hi Jim,

You know they said they closed up all the security issues on their board, this turn of events will no doubt spark another witch hunt where ASHI members are accused of sharing their login information, oh well.

Anyway, as you are well aware there is no worthwhile information or dialog on the ASHI board in regards to HI licensing legislature and it is doubtful there ever will be and that fact pains me.

The NACHI board is the one and only place where you can freely post your licensing position without fear of censure and that fact alone speaks volumes. I am not saying that we always get it right or that it is pretty or that we ever reach consensus, but you can bet your ***** it is well read by all even ASHI.

My guess is even if the ASHI board were totally open to anyone, under the current Draconian monitoring that goes on there it would still be a ghost town devoid of participants. It seems that their board is just a symptom of the problems they have in addressing the larger problems that face our profession. I am not saying that we are right, only that we are attempting to work through the issues without hiding our head in the sand or demanding that everyone have to think the same way. Long live the free, open and unmoderated NACHI board.
Good points, Joe.

BTW; After 25 years in the computer field, and having been a pioneer in web sites (see, for one), it is not really all that hard to gain access to their board, even the private forums that are not open to regular members. I used to do it regularly, but not recently. Too boring and predictable.

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