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Default Re: Dura-Pex (NIBCO)Problems

Two leaks within 10 months, both hot water lines less than 15-ft from the water heater. CPI Dura Pex pipe, both times the leak was a crack in the pipe body, not at a fitting.

House was built in 2005, located in Rock Hill, SC.

I have multiple quotes for full replacement of the defective pipe. Looking at $12K out of pocket including homeowners deductible for the water damage and the sheet rock repair.

I know someone who had the same problem 4 years ago and their homeowners (Allstate) did pay for the whole-house re-plumb but dropped them after the claim.

Extremely frustrating there there appears to be no recourse other than pay for the re-plumb out of pocket or deal with leaks (and water damage) piecemeal until insurance drops.

I'd be very interested to know if anybody has had any real results with the class action or individually?


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