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Default Re: Basements & groundwater control

Unfinished basements in the Seattle area are always a treat to inspect. There's alot to consider, moisture is usually in the fore front of concerns. From there it trickles down to movement, cracks, rot, type of foundation, drainage(downspouts, foundation,etc), slope, seismic retro fitting, waterproofing, etc.

Alot of the items above apply to finished basements. Site drainage and foundation drainage/waterproofing are a must. Since we can't see alot under ground and behind sheetrock I always recommend my clients inquire about receipts and permits. Most of the finished basements I come across are recently done to maximize sale price.

Basically keep the water away and if any gets close, have some back up.

I pretty much explain my findings just like anything else. In simple terms the client can understand.
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