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Default Re: Inspector Advisory Council update.

Originally Posted by jcahill View Post
I sent an open records request for the March 26 meeting. TREC posted the audio recording a few days after my request. There are no written minutes because it was a working group. The audio is fairly easy to hear. Meeting Details

The 4-9 meeting discussed insurance a lot and they kinda put it on the July burner. I think they did that because Sunset was listening in on the meeting. TREC is suggesting statutory changes to clarify the law. Be very cautious of statutory promises.

They are also proceeding with the definition of "client". It is, in my opinion, an effort to restrain trade and Nicks legitimate "free listing inspection" idea. It is a gross overreach by a regulatory agency. I protested this to TREC General Counsel as a restraint of trade argument and she was offended by my suggestion. I will oppose this in the Commissioners May meeting. The FTC shut down TREC in 2005 for trying to prevent discount brokerage. They will do it again after listening to the inspector committee meeting tape. It is a blatant attack on InterNACHI and the FTC won't like it. The FTC letter is at this link.
Hello John,

I do not recall any discussions about defining "client". What is TREC trying to do with that?

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