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Default Spectora is Great!

I have been officially with Spectora since October 2017. Having tried several other software offerings I finally pulled the trigger and don't regret it!

It took me several months of on and off talking with Kevin and Michael and playing with the software to get up the courage to go with Spectora.

Changing software is not a task for the faint of heart but the rewards are tremendous.

I am a stickler for professionalism throughout my business. After all, it's my name that is out there.

The main thing that caught my eye, when I found Spectora, was the clean modern look of the report, the user-friendly interface, both on the desktop and mobile app as well as the overall look and feel... the whole package!

Spectora has the professional looking reports and the ease of use I was looking for! Many of the other offerings i had tried just wasn't cutting it.

I have received many positive comments concerning the reports I generate from clients and realtors alike.

If you want a clean modern software package you can be proud of check out Spectora... you will be glad you did.