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Default Re: Spectora is Great!

Thanks for giving us a look, Dominic, Christopher and Bob!

We totally understand if the subscription model isn't your cup o' tea. I know I'm always hesitant to start paying for any subscription until I'm absolutely sure it will deliver value and return on investment. (Yep, I was last on my block to get Internet service... And a cell phone!)

We believe our web-based subscription pricing model allows us to deliver the best product to our customers in a sustainable way. We don't have to rely on other means of revenue to stay in business, such as data sales or leads generation for third parties. This business model also allows us to pay our staff of talented developers, web designers and support personnel, enabling constant innovation, updates, and new features. It also maintains all the servers, multiple backups, and long-term storage, allowing you to never have to worry about a hardware crash wiping your data. Lastly, the subscription model lets you decide whether we're constantly earning your business without a huge upfront investment, which incentivizes us to keep delivering top-notch service.

We think our competitors offer great products with different value propositions and different business priorities. We definitely encourage everyone to check out their options and decide what's the best fit for you!

We're happy to help however we can.