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Default Re: InterNACHI teams up with

Hi, here is some more info and I'll try to answer a few questions with it: is a site where agents, and sellers can learn more about the advantages and benefits of having a pre-listing inspection. It is simply an information site with a directory of inspectors that are setup on lead generator for inspectors and agents is a great tool on its own but it can be combined with a free pre-listing inspection to boost the conversion rate of these leads.

We all understand that buyer inspections make no sense, they are in the wrong order. They create problems in the real estate process that can be avoided with a seller inspection.

On, inspectors are able (with the client’s permission) to upload the inspection report for prospective buyers to download for free. Those who download the reports are people who are looking to buy a house and possibly sell theirs giving the agent and the inspector 2 possible leads per download. In order to download the report, the prospective buyers need to first register for free and verify their mobile number and email which is sent to both the inspector and agent after the download. If a report is downloaded 20 times, that is 40 possible inspections. Of course, not all leads will be legit and not all of them will be ready to buy or sell right away but they will remember you.

What the free pre-listing inspection does is that it makes it easy for inspectors to convert those leads into clients by offering them a free pre-listing inspection. In reality, you are still getting paid by the seller but they have the opportunity to get a refund if they choose one of the participating agents in their area that understands the benefits and advantages of having a pre-listing inspection to sell houses faster and for more money. We are working at growing the list of agents willing to refund the client for the inspection fee but you can let your agents know to sign up for free on to start receiving leads.

You perform your pre-listing inspection as usual, you get your contract signed, provide a report and once they get an agent you can upload the report on and start getting leads that you can start promoting free pre-listing inspections to them. You are not promoting any agents but giving an option for the sellers to get a refund by working with an agent listed on a 3rd party website. At the same time, you are working towards moving the inspection where it belongs, at the beginning of the transaction doubling the amount of available work.

The reports on are to be used as a guide only by the prospective buyers and they have to agree to that when they sign up and when they download a report. They can still and are encourage to do their own buyer inspection. If they want to be protected with the inspection, you can give them an Onsite review. Without an Onsite review, your liability is limited to the party for whom we performed the inspection; the seller. The Onsite review can be done once they bought the house, you go and review the report with them, get them to sign your contract, give them the report and they are protected. Some charge about 50% of the inspection fee to do that. If the inspection was done a while back, it would be best to do another full inspection at possibly a discounted price.
Agents that will be listed on will have to agree that in order to get the client, they will need to refund them for the pre-listing inspection. Many of them would have paid for that inspection anyways. As an inspector, you did the inspection and showed them a way to get a refund. Whether they choose to use the option or not is their choice.

It’s not a bullet proof system, nothing is, but we’ll make it as good as possible. If you have any ideas on how to make it even better please me know. I will be marketing it for my inspection company in my area after the conference and will be updating everyone on the progress.

This system will also work for buyer inspection if you get to the client first.