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Default Re: InterNACHI teams up with

Originally Posted by ddagostino View Post
So, using that logic, I guess you also recommend people NOT bring a used car they may want to purchase to their own mechanic to be checked out before purchase?
Just rely on the someone else's say-so?

Weird thing to say...
The exact reason we need to push pre-listing inspections, is so we can also do the buyer inspections. Yes they are in the wrong order, but that's how we get to do the pre-listing inspection. You do them all and more with all the leads you get from the downloads.

Do as many pre-listing as you can, and do seller inspection and buyer inspection for all the leads. Plus whoever buys the house that you did the seller inspection on, you can give that client the protection of a home inspection by doing an onsite review with them, get them to sign the contract, give them the report, pass on whatever warranty you got if any and charge 50% for a quick walk and talk. If the original inspection was a while back then you do a more thorough inspection of the property. Let me know if you have any questions.
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