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Default Re: Dura-Pex (NIBCO)Problems

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Same problem here. I live in Rock Hill, SC in the Ebenezer Village neighborhood. Apparently this whole neighborhood was built with this faulty Dura Pex pipe. My house was built in 2005 and I bought it in 2015 and so far we have 5 pinhole leaks on the ceiling but I am counting on more leaks soon, and worry it will be under the slab and will cause major damages. I did notice other repair marks on the ceiling from previous owner so it has to be more damages before. I also noticed other families in this neighborhood have the same problem. Only got a piece of the pipe from one of the repairs and it has the W symbol on it so not sure of the manufacturer, or supplier but I am sure they were all manufactured by CPI.

I contacted NIBCO and they told me they only started making their Dura Pex products in 2006, once they bought CPI, pretty much nothing they can do for us.

Needing some help here as far as the next step. This is ridiculous that they built these houses using faulty pipe.

Can you post a picture of your piece of piping for reference please? TIA.

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