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Default Hello All

Hello CCPIA,

This is going to be exciting. I have been hoping and patiently waiting for an organization like this to rise up. The bigger and badder a consolidated like minded group like this can get the more opportunities we will all have.

Until recently the majority of the Commercial activity was relegated to engineers. We know buildings, we know systems, and we have the ability to communicate much more effectively.

I have been performing commercial inspections for over 25 years. Last year I worked on over 150 projects. This is my passion and my focus. This is also were the money is but we don't want everyone to know that.

Thank you Nick for getting this going. The rising tile will lift all boats and we will be the pioneers the rest of the industry will be talking about 40 years from now.

Rob Claus, CMI, RBC, CBC, CMP
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National Managing Director Commercial Division
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