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Default Re: MN Radon Licensing Act meeting announcement...

UPDATE: May 24, 2018
Originally Posted by MDH email
The attached Notice of Intent to Adopt will be published in the Minnesota State Register on June 4, 2018. The notice contains information about a possible hearing and how to submit comments regarding the rules.

The following documents are posted on our rulemaking web page:

Proposed Radon Licensing Rules
Statement of Need and Reasonableness (SONAR)
SONAR Appendix A: Measurement Professional Definition
SONAR Appendix B: List of Acronyms
Originally Posted by MDH website
Radon Rules - EH: Minnesota Department of Health
Rulemaking for Radon Licensing in Minnesota

Indoor Air Unit

The 2015 Minnesota Legislature passed the Minnesota Radon Licensing Act, Minnesota Statutes 144.4961, which was signed into law in May 2015. The Act gives MDH the authority to write rules and enforce laws related to the radon industry. There were statute changes in both the 2016 and 2017 legislative sessions. The latest changes push back the rule implementation date to January 1, 2019. On July 1, 2015, MDH began the rule making process and will complete the rule making process in 2018. Beginning January 1, 2019, the rules developed will go into effect. Professionals and companies that measure for radon, mitigate for radon or perform radon analysis in the State of Minnesota will be required to be licensed and use system tags.
There are currently no requirements for professionals. All licensing requirements will begin January 1, 2019.
Minnesota Statutes, 144.4961 Minnesota Radon Licensing Act
Statement of Need and Reasonableness (SONAR) Radon Licensing Rules
SONAR Appendix A. Measurement Professional Definition
SONAR Appendix B. List of Acronyms

Radon Licensing Rules Draft March 2018 (PDF)
This is a draft document. It has not been edited or remediated for accessibility.
For questions or comments regarding possible rule amendments, or to submit comments or information, please contact:
Joshua Kerber

Jeffrey R. Jonas
Owatonna, Minnesota

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