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Default Re: Spectora Price Increase

Originally Posted by sstanczyk View Post
Of course your figures are way off. Because you haven't been around to know what prices we pay as members. I only pay $289 per year since I was grandfathered in. Since I retired this year, I have been converted to a life time member with no dues. JJ and Chris pay the same $289.

But that doesn't matter because you are trying to compare apples and oranges to make your point. Software is a commodity. Membership in any organization is not. This is something you should be attempting to persuade your price shopping clients, that we are a service not a commodity that can be purchased for the lowest price.

As for any software steering agents your way, I will simply call BS. They don't give a rats patootie and the chances of even 1 agent telling you that in your very short time as an inspector is somewhere between slim and none. No need to BS everyone in an attempt to make your point.

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