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Hi Sky,

A little confusion on your website: "Warden Home Inspections must perform all inspections in compliance with the Standards of Practice set forth by the state of Colorado and InterNACHI."

I"m not a marketing guru by any means, but emailing agents doesn't work. As with 95% of the emails I get from companies, they go right into TRASH.

Try hitting the open houses. You'll meet newer agents that may not have developed relationships with other inspectors.

A little work on your website:

I had to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find your phone number. Also, your website says, "Proudly Serving Irvine, CA". That seems to indicate you only work one city.

And, as noted in my first paragraph, why would anyone in CA want an inspector that follows the SOP's of CO.

Others will join in shortly with more assistance.
Good luck.

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