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Originally Posted by sfetty View Post
Goto the marketing section of this forum and read all the posts going back at least 10 years... sounds daunting, bit you will quickly find patterns and learn what may be helpful for your particular situation. Good luck.
^ This.

There is so much good advice already posted, just waiting to be read.

In the meantime, your website needs work.

As William said, your website says you ONLY serve Irvine. While I agree having a small target area is a good idea, that's too small. You need to add surrounding areas.

Your photo needs to be replaced with a professional headshot. Sorry, you look like you just woke up on a camping trip in that picture.

Your "about" page says nothing about you. It's just generic text found on 1001 other sites. Just because one took some classes and own a flashlight does not make one an inspector. You have to explains why someone should hire YOU over the next person. What makes you different than the inspector down the street?

No one gives a rear end which software you use.

Your social media presence: Nice that you have a facebook set up, but you barely post on it. It should be updated daily.


Expand your hours past 5pm. Yes, in the winter, that's fine. But in the summer, people like taking advantage of the extended daylight and schedule inspections to start later in the day. You're cutting those people off.

It took me 6 to 8 months to get an agent referral. But I was able to at least justify staying in business off the general public finding my website.

And forget emailing agents out of the blue. You have to get out there and network, network, network. Face to face time is what gets agents interested.

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