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Default Where does ASTM E2018 − 15 require cost estimates for repairs?

"1.1.4 Property Condition Report—The work product result- ing from completing a PCA in accordance with this guide is a Property Condition Report (PCR). The PCR incorporates the information obtained during the Walk-Through Survey, the Document Review and Interviews sections of this guide, and includes Opinions of Costs for suggested remedies of the physical deficiencies identified."

10.5.3 Opinions of Costs—Present the aggregate sum of opinions of costs segregated between immediate and short- term costs.

"10.10 Opinions of Costs—Identify the material physical deficiencies and provide suggested remedies, complete with opinions of costs."

These appear to state that the PCR must contain cost estimates for correction, repair, etc. of defects/deficiencies, and they seem to conflict with:

"5.4.3 Opinions of Costs Contingent on Further Discovery— The consultant is not required to provide opinions of costs to remedy physical deficiencies that may require the opinions of specialty consultants[/B] or the results of testing, intrusive observations, exploratory probing, or further research to determine the cause of the physical deficiency and the appropriate remedy, scope, and scheme for repair or replacement unless user and consultant have agreed to such an expansion of the scope of work."

This seems to say that they don't have to supply repair costs that require information from specialty consultants.

"2.3.41 specialty consultants, n—individuals or entities in the fields of life safety, security, engineering, or in any particular building component, equipment, or system that have acquired detailed, specialized knowledge and experience in the design, evaluation, operation, repair, or installation of same."

1. Why do the items in blue not conflict with the items in red?
2. For what types of deficiencies, or under what circumstances, bearing 5.4.3 in mind, do the ASTM Standards require cost estimates to be supplied and where is that information?

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