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Default Re: Where does ASTM E2018 − 15 require cost estimates for repairs?

"5.4.3 Opinions of Costs Contingent on Further Discovery— The consultant is not required to provide opinions of costs to remedy physical deficiencies that may require the opinions of specialty consultants[/B] or the results of testing, intrusive observations, exploratory probing, or further research to determine the cause of the physical deficiency and the appropriate remedy, scope, and scheme for repair or replacement unless user and consultant have agreed to such an expansion of the scope of work."
Ken, my interpretation of this is;
That an opinion of Costs is not required if Further Discovery is needed to find out the cost of the deficiency by means of testing specialty equipment, consultants, intrusive observations, exploratory probing and the evaluation of repairs and cost to rectify.

And this one;

10.5.3 Opinions of Costs—Present the aggregate sum of opinions of costs segregated between immediate and short- term costs.
This would be just your routine repair or replacement cost.

Ex.: The Parking Garage slab is showing exposed re-bar and the top surface of the slab is spalling, cracking and delaminating in some areas.

This would require the expertise of special consultants, testing agencies for the concrete, such as coring, investigation of design drawings, Architect, Structural Engineers and so forth.

A long-term opinion of cost would be required for that in my opinion, and should be agreed upon with the client and defined in the scope.

You may want to contact Dale Duffy or Bill Warner to get their interpretation on this as well.

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