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Default Re: Where does ASTM E2018 − 15 require cost estimates for repairs?

Originally Posted by kshepard View Post

"5.4.3 Opinions of Costs Contingent on Further Discovery— The consultant is not required to provide opinions of costs to remedy physical deficiencies that may require the opinions of specialty consultants[/B] or the results of testing, intrusive observations, exploratory probing, or further research to determine the cause of the physical deficiency and the appropriate remedy, scope, and scheme for repair or replacement unless user and consultant have agreed to such an expansion of the scope of work."
Ref: Bolded last sentance...
IMO, EVERY Commercial inspection should have an agreed upon SCOPE between the Client and the Inspection Company to ensure all of the Clients expectations are met. If properly drafted, all other directives regarding costs are irrelevent and moot!

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