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Hi Alan,

The best drone to get for roof inspections is the DJI Phantom 4 Pro (P4P). It has a 20MP camera and shoots video in 4K and provides the most accurate data and measurement results compared with lower resolution cameras such as those used with the DJI Mavic Pro or Inspire Series. This is the level of detail you need. The P4P safety software is excellent too, which will allow you to fly close to the rooftop (if needed) and that will improve your chances you don't crash it if you don't have much experience flying. However, one thing I do want to make you aware of is that it is illegal to fly commercial operations with any drone if you don't have your Part 107 license issued by the FAA (most people don't know this). If you don't want to go through the process of becoming a certified drone pilot you can hire an Up Sonder professional pilot. All our pilots are FAA certified, insured, and have their own drone. They can meet you on location and fly for you legally. I hope this helps. Feel free to follow up with any additional questions.
I operate a Mavic Pro Paltinum for roof inspections and its more than enough for the task of defect recognition and checking condition, and a 12.3mp camera is powerful enough to see ants crawling across the shingles. Its only a 2x zoom but it's a drone...just fly closer. Granted there are some construction programs out there for measuring roofs that may require a camera with different capability but for purely inspecting them its not needed. (Yes, I'm part 107 certified). Granted, when you throw in extra batteries and other things needed to fly you enter the same price range quickly so I think price is a minor factor over safety, but the Mavic has been stellar so far.

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