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Default Re: Brand new roof, what a shame

Originally Posted by plesieur View Post
Chuck, is sloppy work a deficiency? I use the word deficient sparingly and on roofing, siding, windows etc I like to use "not installed according to manufacturers specifications". Of course you need to know what the manufacturers specs are.

Just saying.
  • The valley cut is ragged and should be offset two inches out of the center of the valley.
  • There are exposed fasteners
  • There are torn/damaged shingles
  • There is debris left on the roof
  • There is foreign material (possibly remnants of a tie-off) under the ridge which may stress/damage the shingles
  • There is inconsistent/improper shingle exposure in the courses
  • The downspout discharges onto the roof surface.
  • There is something loose at the sidewall ???
  • There are tree limbs in contact with the roof that should be cut back
  • There are one or more fishmouths due to improperly driven fasteners

Anything that is not done properly is "deficient". If the installation is not done to the manufacturer's installation standards, then the installation is "deficient". Sloppy work manifests itself through its deficiencies. If the inspector simply reports the installation as sloppy or unworkmanlike, it doesn't give the client a lot to go on in dealing with the contractor and the contractor simply states "Well that's just your inspector's opinion". The inspector needs to provide the details that support the assertion.

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