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Default Re: I'm injured and need help!

Originally Posted by gevers View Post
I have been in the inspection business for just over a year and a half and things are starting to take off for me. Unfortunately, I just tore my distal biceps tendon and required surgery. I will be out of commission for about two months before i can slowly ease back into the physical stuff. I want to maintain my momentum and not move backwards while I am in the recovery stage. I have a trade show in October as well as an opportunity to host a lunch with the board of realtors. However, I will be in a brace at the time. I cannot climb a ladder, nor crawl in a crawlspace, nor climb up into an attic without pulldown stairs. Never been in this position before. I am looking for someone to help me. if you are interested or do you know someone who might be? Call me at 423-737-2733 or email me at

Sorry to hear about your difficulty . We have no idea where you live .
Please go to top of your screen and hit Control Panel and put in you information . Thanks ... Roy