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Default Re: Found these...Whats my obligation if any?

Originally Posted by tewald View Post
Whats my obligation if any? Seller is in California and has moved out. House is staged.
If that is how the closet is staged, I would love to see the rest of the house!

So, the seller moved out and left all that ammo there? Weird.

If they had not yet moved out, I would say there would be no need to mention it. But since it looks as though it might have been abandoned, I think the safe thing to do would be to include a comment in Summary section: "Boxes of what appear to be live ammunition were noted in the (master bedroom?) closet. Buyer may wish to request removal of these items before closing."

In a worst-case scenario, if the house burned after closing but before move-in, the insurance company might partially or fully deny the claim due to the presence of "large quantities of military grade ammunition".

I would make it a point to inform the seller's and buyer's agents as to their presence as well via email or some other verifiable means.

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