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Default Re: Missing main panel legend

Originally Posted by evandeven View Post
Because if the insurance company sends out their own inspector, and he finds it along with other items that were omitted "to make it easier for the client to obtain insurance", said client may be a little upset with someone. Care to guess who that "someone" might be?

I run into this very issue on several occasions and simply say, "Ask the previous inspector for your money back".

Getting back to the original question, absolutely write it up.
Regardless if it is code or not, one might want to know what a certain breaker controls.............
I provide the all information asked for on the form. If and when the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation ever updates the Four Point Form to include a checkbox for 'Panel Legend' I will then make it a business practice to do so. In the meantime, I simply choose not to manufacture problems which would hinder my client from obtaining insurance by supplementing information the insurance companies have apparently deemed inconsequential to underwriting.

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