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Default Re: Missing main panel legend

Originally Posted by jburkeson1 View Post
Guess it depends who you ask. My business model respects that the Insurance Companies, policy underwriters and the Office of Insurance Regulation have intentionally limited 'The Four Point Form' to items deemed important to the underwriting community, and at this point assume that 'Panel Directories' like the many other 'missing' items of importance are simply inconsequential noise when it comes to underwriting policy decisions. It is not my form, I only provide the data of what is asked.
As stated by others, the OIR has noting to do with it.
Each insurance company will determine what they are willing to accept to issue a policy.

I wouldn't want to "assume" what they are looking for.
I simply provide the information and let them choose what they want fixed.
If they don't care about the panel not being labeled or "missing items of importance", fine.

That decision isn't up to me.
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