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Originally Posted by dbowers View Post
All points well taken, and my thoughts were inconclusive without further testing or evaluation. Which in some locations is not possible due to weather or areas with no access ............... AND if buyer is not willing to spend more $$$$$ OR seller will not give them more time extension. There it is .............
I think this raises a question we as inspectors need to consider: Is it unprofessional to be reporting on conditions we find if we cannot offer some convincing explanation that might indicate an actual problem?

My inspection today presents a perfect example. Take a look at the two attached IR images.

These photos are from either side of a wall dividing a first floor shower stall from its adjacent bedroom. Obviously something is warming up the ceiling in this area, but what?

It could not be warm water, since the water heaters were not lit at the time the photo was taken. I seriously doubt it was wiring, as the lighting in the house was LED, which draws very little current.

This was new construction, and the kitchen appliances were not installed, thus could not be drawing current.

I had been running the furnace for a while before capturing these images, so I shut off the furnace and went about inspecting the rest of the property. I came back about an hour and a half later and the warm spots were gone. At that point I felt a reasonable guess would be that there was a leaking air duct in the area, but I would have to have removed sheathing in the attic to visualize the area, so I could not confirm it.

In this case, I feel I was able to eliminate enough other possibilities to form a plausible hypothesis (leaking ductwork), so I included it in my report.

A few weeks back, though, I found a warm spot that I could find no plausible explanation for. I did not include mention of it in my report, but did discuss it with the buyer.

What say the rest of you? Do you report an anomaly even if you can't offer a plausible explanation?
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