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Default Re: Tell Me What You See!

Do you report an anomaly even if you can't offer a plausible explanation?


All too many camera owners pull out equipment (like a thermal camera) in a Home Inspection, see something and then fall back on "This is a general inspection outside the scope of a Home Inspection". When you pull out more than a flashlight, you have given up the right to fall back on "This is just a Home Inspection".

As you have eliminated several options, what you have left is sufficient cause for an existing problem that warrants mention. You just didn't point out a hot spot.

As Chuck pointed out, the A/C would make the same spot cold. If weather permitting, I switch between Heat and A/C. Personally I can run the A/C at any temperature, but others must be conservative here. This confirms leakage based on how fast, and where things change to cold.

Also he noted "I do not report these unless we have dewpoint issues". Do not forget that we see this in winter as hot. If your in Texas, this will be a dewpoint issue come summer.

Also I note that the hot anomaly extends further away from the hotest spot in several locations. Based upon how long the heat was on, this shows the extent and rate of heat transfer within the building envelope.

Because this is a bathroom where hot water usage is a primary activity, this would elevate my concern about this condition.

We should never just refer this to someone else, except another thermographer because they do not have the ability to replicate what we have done.

Based on the OP, I do not run into the problem of finding something that the client does not have the money to verify the real problem. That in of itself eliminates inclusion in a report. I tell the client that there are particular issues that indicate a problem to me but additional fees will be required to verify. There were roof and flashing concerns, but conditions were not present to complete this inspection at this time. They can just have a roofer to poke around, or I can come back on another inspection and determine the specific repairs needed if there are any.

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