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Default Re: 10 Reasons NOT TO USE SPECTORA!

This review cannot be further from the truth. We recently purchased Spectora. My only complaint was the lack of delivered deficiencies. Here is what we have found:

Inspector Mobile Ease of Use: GREAT

Multiple Inspectors on One Inspection: Works, but each inspector must work on separate categories.

Multiple Inspector Support: GREAT

Administrative Staff Booking & Scheduling: GREAT

On-line Booking: Needs work. We had to turn it off.

Desktop Version: very intuitive and user friendly

Editing Reports: cut my time from 1 hr to 10 minutes. The key is to build a good library of deficiencies so that the inspector only has to click on the deficiency. Spelling and typos go out the window.

Company Support: GREAT. Right now it is done via chat. They are very quick to respond.

Client Response has been GREAT.

Realtor response has been SPECTACULAR. They love the new on-line reports.

On-line Repair Request Builder: GREAT. We had one realtor build her repair addendum in 3 minutes using her cell phone!

Software Upgrades have not been disruptive. We have had no down-time.

Mobile version works when you cannot connect to the internet. It will sync later.

OVERALL: I don't know where this guy was coming from, but our experience has been very positive. We reviewed and did trial runs HomeGauge and several other leading inspection software companies. In my option, Spectora is the best.

Mike Lovelady
Magnolia Home Inspection Services