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Default Re: Pergola - external structure attached to house

In response to the last point, the posts are anchored to the concrete.

In addition to the middle post leaning away from the house:-

- beams are warped because of the middle post leaning outwards
- the lattice is not secured to any of the rafters and slap in the wind ie, they are lifted up by the wind and then drop down :(

What should I do from here? I have been left with quite a headache of an issue to deal with and all I got from the building inspector's company was citing of Nachi rules ie, it is not included in the inspection.

In addition to the above the inspector failed to tell me that there was a strong smell of cat urine at the back of the crawl space. I had the crawl space encapsulated as the plastic sheeting was degraded - the technician doing that work told me the urine was all up the back wall. Admittedly it was behind insulation but I believe he should have pointed that out. He can't say he has lost his sense of smell as he was teaching a fire fighter the same day as doing the inspection.

Thank you very much for all your input
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