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Default Re: Limiting liability contract language

Originally Posted by lrabun View Post
Ok, I'm having a crazy idea and I figured you guys would be happy to tell me why it's a ludicrous idea. But please constructive in your reply. I figured I'd run it by you guys to see if it was worth talking to my attorney about.
Ok here it is, something to the effect of.....

1. The inspector will preform the inspection to the State's SOP but it is limited to 2.5hrs of onsite inspection and observations. Plus the time needed to write the report, do an on-site review, file setup, travel time, and to answer any questions after the inspection.
2. The inspector is only liable for the defects he finds within this time frame and not the defects that he doesn't find.
3. If you would like to upgrade to our premium inspection that is 5 to 6 hour in length and is not limited by the terms of #2 above please contact your inspector prior to your inspection.

Guess I'm trying to set better expectation for clients that think a HI goes over every square inch of a house with a fine tooth comb. If thats what they want them I'm happy to do that as well, it's just going to cost more.
No time for a discussion this morning, but here's my thoughts on your idea in three simple words... 'Oh Hell No'!!

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