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Default Re: Double-tapped Square D

Originally Posted by jfrederick View Post
I simply am amazed at the amount of time and emphasis that gets put on double taps, by so many inspectors, for something that is so trivial, and quite frankly, stupid, in the grand scheme of things.
This has been a very informative post. I've always just looked at the pressure plate on Square D's to determine if they could take two (that way I don't have to put on my readers).

And, in the grand scheme of things, it is anything but stupid and trivial. The vast majority of double taps are done on terminals not designed for it and by amatures - I've seen plenty of melted / heated up / arc burns on wires at the breaker and at the neutral bus because of double taps.

Maybe you should warn your clients that you don't think bad connections in their panel are a big deal and that they are "stupid"?