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After using their 'free' service for a couple of months with some problems, I could not upload a report today. So, I sent several emails to them asking for help since my client was waiting for the report.

This is what I sent:

"I need to upload some files immediately and the site won’t let me. It says I have used 15 out of 15 uploads this month. It looks like it needs to be reset for March."

Here is the reply I get back from them:

"There was no need for you to send me 5 of these emails. Please remember this is a free service, which may be terminated at any time, at our discretion. Abuse of the service, or of our support for this free service, may be considered grounds for termination."

I replied:

"You have got to be kidding me! Abuse? Strong words for someone sending five emails requesting help. Five emails for help is abuse?
When someone has come to depend on a service, free or not, and cannot access the service it creates a state of urgency, especially when clients are waiting for their reports. "

Then I get this:

"Yes, sending me 5 emails in a row is abuse. Your sixth email, below, is enough.
Please go find yourself another free provider for services - I don't need this.
Have a nice day."

The person sending the emails from, I mean and grassfrog technologies was the helpful, customer oriented and goodwill promoting, not, Roberta Dulay.

Thought you guys might want to know what a joke this bunch is.