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Default Re: Beware Of

Originally Posted by wforsyth
Do you think that it was kind of him to post this in the public forums warning all away from her business? Or professional?

Or that it was rational to get upset in such a short amount of time?

I agree that lawsuits shouldn't be threatened, but bringing this into a public arena rather than dealing with it professionally was uncalled for also.

None of this is being handled well.
Wendy...You bring up all good points. I for one feel if someone gets bad customer service, he has the right to voice his opinion. Now we must realize that there are three sides to every story. His, Hers and the truth. And if it wasn't a big deal (as Roberta posted above) then I wonder why Michael recieved an email like he posted above from the support staff. Makes you kind of wonder.

I for one stay away from vendors here because of various reasons.

And I agree with you that things like this could be handled better with cooler heads. Like a cooling off period. When you take time to stop and count to ten...things seem to have a different perspective.

Just my thoughts.