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Originally Posted by prubenstein
It has been brought to my attention by some real estates agents that several home inspectors in my area do not mention or report the possiblity that popcorn ceiling may contain asbestos. The asbestos content in popcorn ceiling is less than 5%. I currently put a blured in my reports as a possiblity but also state that this is beyond the scope of the inspection.
My question, how do you handle this item and what is your rational?

This article states as high as 8%. I've heard from plaster contractors that mixtures as high as 12% have been used and or discovered in structures. I've also been involved in litigation cases where asbestos was present in homes constructed as late as 1989. I believe Russell Ray has discovered asbestos bearing materials in homes built at late as 1990...

Remember, the manufacturing of asbestos building materials was banned in 1979, not the use of millions of tons of pre-existing building materials in inventory throughout the country.
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