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Default Re: 980 Questions/Answers to the NHIE....Free!

Originally Posted by jbushart
Are you dealing with a state legislature that might be seriously considering the NHIE as an entrance test for home inspectors?

Have your favorite congressman email me and I will send him 980 questions and answers to the NHIE that was recently sent to me, as a free bonus, when I bought some practice questions for the ICC exam.

I can prove to anyone who needs proof that the test has been compromised and that it....and its answers....are for sale on eBay.

I will not pass them on to other inspectors, presently, as I consider the ethical ramifications. I will, however, help you convey to your state that this test is a meaningless tool.
If one could memorize 980 answers, they deserve a passing grade. Being that there's less than 200 questions on the test and 20 or 30 of those are State Law and SOP related.