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Default Re: ducting material

HVAC units built in 1978 are not the same as they are today.

Also, in most cases residential air duct systems are not properly designed in the first place.

I frequently recommend total air duct replacement with a new unit (as well as the disconnect box on the exterior which is often overlooked).

I don't think the HVAC guy is just trying to pad his pockets with more work.

I can document several hundred home inspections where the HVAC duct system is not functioning properly due to improper design. I advise my clients that problems with discomfort is system design not equipment performance and to not waste their money on the equipment side.

HVAC equipment can operate at full capacity and still not perform as intended.

Air stratification due to improper duct design. When conditions like this exists in new construction, you can only expect cold feet and a hot head (and not because you're pissed off)!

61F at the floor, 98F in the second-floor bedrooms (one thermostat, two floors).

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